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Recent data from Willis Tower Watson states that global pension funds manage more than US$42 trillion. This gigantic pool of resources is mostly invested with a long-term horizon in companies, projects, vehicles, and investment instruments all over the world. Pension funds’ main mission is unobjectionable: deliver the best portfolio profitability with an assumed risk level, according to their fiduciary responsibility; however, in recent years, this vision has gradually incorporated a more holistic view with regards to global wellness. “Responsible investment” recognises that, in addition to adequate profitability, there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration, such as ESG concerns.

To assist pension funds and asset managers achieve the above, EBS provides ESG training for Trustees, Offices and Asset Managers, unpacking ESG selection criteria for Asset Managers, defining Social Impact Measurement criteria applicable to specific asset classes. EBS also assist with ensuring compliance with UNPRI Investment and CRISA Environmental Insurance requirements. Key outputs delivered include ESG reporting, responsible investment policies and systems, and tracked performance against defined social impact measurement criteria.

EBS assists with the assessment of an Asset Managers prospective and existing portfolio, undertaking ESG due diligence assessments prior to the acquisition of new assets and ongoing portfolio company reviews to track development of an assets ESG credentials.  EBS advisory also provides support in the development of annual and integrated reports, facilitating the determination of materiality, the development of content, the application of the 6 capitals model, adherence to GRI reporting guidelines as well as development of infographics and full graphic design inputs.

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