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Critical ESG inputs which can have a meaningful impact on the sustainability of both listed and unlisted companies include the implementation of process optimization initiatives, the evaluation of ESG value creation and identifying opportunities to leverage this value. This is best articulated during integrated annual reporting, sustainability reporting or development impact reporting and is further utilized during fund raising and ongoing stakeholder engagement.

As an ESG value driver for companies EBS provides support to identifying opportunities for a business to optimize process.  This has traditionally focused on the reduction, reuse or recycling of water, waste, and energy.  Additional focus on improved business processes, evaluation and tracking of improved employee productivity are becoming a keen focus area especially with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.

Specific to individual company requirements with a focus on risk mitigation, additional focus is required on the quantification and reduction of impacts associated with air and noise pollution, visual impacts, soil contamination, occupational health and safety risks, with the development of climate adaptation strategies, this often involves the use of GIS mapping to track regional and global ESG footprints. EBS provide these services to financial institutions prior to investment, as well as to operational entities looking to raise capital and acquire environmental insurance products.

EBS provides support to businesses in the development of their Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies, this includes the identification of projects, tracking of their performance against strategic objectives as well as the communication of the successes of these initiatives. EBS has assisted businesses in the formulation of community trusts, which facilitate the coordinated approach to monitoring and ensuring community social and economic upliftment.

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