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Impact Investments are defined as investments that are made to generate a measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. Since the term was coined at the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2007 Bellagio Conference, the impact investment industry has steadily grown to US$ 19.9 billion from 3 321 investors across 6 670 companies globally.

There are over 140 different tools and systems worldwide, key features of the EBS impact assessment approach include utilising these tools and systems to build legitimacy and credibility through designing measurement and monitoring systems for the investor which meet these international standards.

The overall development of an impact strategy and tracking performance against set key objectives assists a fund to define developmental impacts at portfolio level. This further assists with defining a portfolios contribution to society (multiplier effect). EBS Advisory works closely with the fund to define a theory of change model, clearly articulating fund input contributions linked to outputs and outcomes at portfolio level which are articulated as societal impacts as a result of these activities. This is usually initiated through a workshop session held with key decision makers and strategic stakeholders linked to the fund. Through the development of developmental impact reports, strategic communication pieces, website content, EBS assists the fund in communicating their ESG value creation within the fund, its portfolio companies and to society as a whole.

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