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Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)

EBS Advisory have a long-standing relationship with numerous DFIs based in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas providing ESG support during their full investment life cycle. Historically DFIs provide risk capital for economic development projects on non-commercial basis and are backed or owned by countries in developed economies. Their key objectives are to promote economic growth and support social development. EBS support DFIs and the Funds in which they invest, through undertaking grass roots research focused on defining and tracking an investments contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and other National Development Plans (NDPs) defined for the countries of investment.

EBS Advisory continue to support DFIs through the review of the portfolio companies in which they have invested against key ESG considerations. This allows them to define and track ESG improvement measures required to maximise ESG value creation prior to exiting the investment.  This may require further research on a sector or country level to benchmark an investment against their peers, to better contextualize the constraints identified, developing bespoke solutions to bridging these gaps in implementing ESG standards. This is made possible through EBS Advisory’s extensive network of consultants based in country with local knowledge and understanding of why certain aspects may be difficult to implement.

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