To be effective ESG management should form part of a business overall corporate strategy. Due to the nature of ESG management, key aspects require integration across a business and an oversight on a management level. If done properly ESG can be used as a differentiator for the business, enabling them to out perform their competitors, both from a market positioning perspective as well as through improved margins. EBS Advisory provides strategic input to organisations from early stage development of an ESG strategy to updating and developing bespoke strategies.

By developing and implementing a clearly defined ESG strategy, a business can broaden market access, leverage new forms of funding, improve efficiencies and develop a high performing culture within the organisation, conducive to implementing the desired.

EBS Advisory offers the following types of services to assist a business to achieve these goals:


  • Development of strategy through workshops with clearly defined outcomes and setting of KPIs. Monitoring implementation,

  • Assist with product, process efficiencies and innovation,

  • Development of theory of change models,

  • Improved understanding of customer base through surveys. Assessment of data collected and re-alignment of strategy,

  • Development of bespoke tools to track ESG performance,

  • Gearing a business for sector specific certification,

  • Gearing a business to become signatory to or setting guidelines to meeting the objective of, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI), United Nations Global Compact (Global Corporate Sustainability Initiative), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI).

  • Assisting a business to access new forms of funding:

  • Development of fund-raising slide decks when pitching to LPs,

  • Training of investment teams on ESG principles and strategy as defined by the business prior to fund raising campaigns.

  • Assistance with preparation for funding applications such as; Green Bonds, Climate Bonds, Social bonds.

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