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It is important for any company to have identified, understood and implemented internal controls to manage ESG risks. The services offered by EBS Advisory to facilitate this process focuses on ensuring a business is legally compliant, has the correct governance processes in place, is defending their reputation and brand value created.

This focus can also be defined as a business’s license to operate, which requires focus on developing internal buy in within the business for managing ESG risks identified. A business should after implementation of these services be able to identify material ESG issues, ensuring they are managed and communicated adequately to key stakeholders.

By implementing methods to manage and monitor these risks a company can also measure their performance and broader impact on process efficiencies. To this end EBS Advisory offers the following services:

  • ESG Due Diligence Assessments and Audits,

  • Environmental Social Management System (ESMS) development, training and implementation, including policies and procedure development,

  • Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) development, training and implementation,

  • ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments – Phase 1 and Phase 2,

  • ESG statutory reporting,

  • SMART Certification,

  • ISO Certification,

  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessments,

  • Review of governance structures,

  • Stakeholder engagement,

  • Energy efficiency audits,

  • Carbon foot printing,

  • Air Quality modelling,

  • Waste characterisation, management and planning,

  • Contaminated land and soil remediation assessments,

  • Water use planning,

  • Social Impact Assessments,

  • GIS mapping.

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