ESG impact is often referred to as an intangible asset held by a business. Impact associated with ESG implementation can be recognized internally through improved processes and labor efficiencies, strengthened brand recognition, that have an indirect impact on a business financial performance.

A business does not operate within a vacuum, the community, region and country in which it operates in but informs the level to which financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human capital businesses has an impact on society. Maximising this impact strengthens a company’s license to operate differentiates it from its competitors and enables it to access new markets. EBS Advisory have extensive experience in articulating these intangible assets and able to track improvement in performance after implementation of programs within an asset. EBS provides guidance on what additional initiatives can be considered to further leverage these ESG credentials and further improve financial performance.

EBS Advisory are also able to clearly articulate a business’s developmental impact, this is defined through defining a theory of change model and tracking indicators identified to facilitate reporting on shifts in developmental goals such as those defined under the SDGs. Typical types of services offered to defined impact within a business are summarized as follows:

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