Harnessing Technology to Better Communicate Your ESG Performance

Experience advanced business analytics and interactive dashboard reporting, through our software-enabled monitoring and reporting solution: ESG Active. This solution constitutes a basket of integrated software-enabled tools, customised for the purpose of conducting ESG and/or Impact monitoring and reporting activities.

Fit-For-Purpose Software

ESG Active utilises Microsoft Office Suite products, primarily Power Query and Power BI. Microsoft Office Suite products are some of the most widely utilised software products in business globally, allowing the ESG Active solution to interface easily with a wide variety of operating systems.

How ESG Active Benefits You  

Investors, regulators, and society at large are placing increased pressure on companies to report on their sustainability practices. They are applying this pressure not only at due diligence stage pre-investment, but also on how ongoing risk mitigation and value creation is generated during the investment period.

Critical to this reporting is the management of ESG data and the presentation of such to investors in an accessible and relevant format. However, manually capturing and reporting ESG data effectively and adhering to the existing and emerging ESG regulations can be difficult, costly and time consuming.

Leveraging ESG Active, Clients can now collect data and deliver dynamic reporting on ESG performance more efficiently and cost effectively.

Enhance credibility

Lower the cost of capital

Decrease admin

Increase data quality

Be a market leader

Core Features

Data Collection

  • Collect or query data from multiple sources and formats.
  • Standardise bespoke data collection templates.
  • Allow for varied collection frequency, depending on specific ESG risk requirements.
  • Built-in mechanisms to ensure clean, accurate data entry.
Core Features

Database Management

  • Program queries to automate the cleaning, shaping, and processing of data for storage, as well as input/connection to a data model.
  • Create a single centralised data repository within Power BI.
Core Features

Data Modelling

  • Transform the data from the central data repository into a dynamic, relational data model.
  • Architect suitable model schematics and tabular relationships to give effect to the aggregation and disaggregation preferences of the client.
Core Features

Dashboard Design

  • Perform complex and contextualised analyses within easy to consume visual dashboard and report interfaces.
  • Allow for user customisation of reports, with context overlayed export functionality.
  • Design reports to match Client’s corporate identity and marketing and communications strategies.
Core Features


  • Dashboards and reports can be used to communicate with internal and external stakeholders via a number of easy online and export options, such as PDF, Power Point, SharePoint, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, etc

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Experience advanced analytics and real-time dashboard reporting through our software-enabled monitoring and reporting solution. Clients can now deliver reporting on ESG performance more efficiently and cost effectively. Let us show you how through a personalised demo.


Experience interactive visualisations, business intelligence capabilities, seamless automated data imports and compatible reporting export options.

Technical rigor

We offer expertise from ESG data analysts and consultants, with over 20 years of technical experience.

Tailored costing

Completely adjustable and bespoke, pick and choose services from a number of baskets to fit your specific needs and budget.

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