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Communicating what you do as a business is critical to establishing a track record in ESG performance. This should focus on the use of both internal and external communication mechanisms and should leverage the use of multiple media channels.

The reason for communicating ESG performance varies, with EBS Advisory being able to assist a client with tailoring the data and presentation thereof to succinctly and clearly communicate the ESG journey taken by a client.

EBS Advisory has specific experience in tailoring bespoke communication pieces.  This includes inputs to fund raising exercises, internal reporting for staff and senior management, as well as the reporting against international standards to external stakeholders on the company’s ESG and company performance.

EBS Advisory has worked with both listed and unlisted companies, as well as various financial institutions including private equity, micro finance institutions, banking, and venture capital in support of these aims.

Our Services


  • Integrated Annual Reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Developmental Impact Reporting
  • Quarterly and Annual ESG reporting to LPs and GPs
  • TCFD Reporting
  • SFDR Reporting
  • PRI Reporting

Strategic Communications

  • Development of emergency communications pieces
  • Development of strategic communications pieces
  • Inputs provided to PPM development


  • Contribution to the development of media campaigns
  • Input provided to fund-raising campaigns
  • Development of marketing and fund-raising campaign roadshow material

Digital Media

  • Development of website content
  • Media Scans
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Photography
  • Videography

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