Communicating what you do as a business is critical to establishing a track record in ESG performance. This should focus on the use of both internal and external communication mechanisms and should leverage the use of multiple media channels.

The reason for communicating ESG performance varies with EBS Advisory being able to assist a client with tailoring the data presented and telling the journey taken by a client to achieving these objectives. 

EBS Advisory have specific experience in tailoring bespoke communication pieces for fund raising exercises, internal reporting for staff and senior management on adherence to achievement of key performance areas, as well as the reporting to external stakeholders on the company’s ESG performance.

EBS Advisory have worked with both listed and unlisted companies, as well as various financial institutions including private equity, micro finance institutions, banking and venture capital in support of these aims. A summary of the typical types of outputs which could be expected as part of this service offering are summarised as follows:

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