What we do

What we do

EBS Advisory has established itself as a leading advisor in the application of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) across various sectors including manufacturing, FMCG, agriculture, forestry, retail, hospitality, health care, industry, mining, oil and gas, banking, micro finance, ICT and energy in Africa and other emerging markets.  EBS Advisory is the dedicated strategic advisor to more than 70 Private Equity Funds, Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and/or Financial Institutions.

Companies transition through various stages of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) maturity.  EBS Advisory aims to assist companies with this transition allowing them to progress from a pure risk management focus to the use of ESG as a differentiator in the markets in which they operate. 

To facilitate this transition EBS Advisory has developed key services focused on management of risk, defining strategy, facilitating the way a company communicates their journey and defines their impact.

What we do


It is important for any company to have identified, understood and implemented internal controls to manage ESG risks. The services offered by EBS Advisory to facilitate this process focuses on ensuring a business is legally compliant, has the correct governance processes in place, is defending their reputation and brand value created.

This focus can also be defined as a business’s license to operate, which requires focus on developing internal buy in within the business for managing ESG risks identified. A business should after implementation of these services be able to identify material ESG issues, ensuring they are managed and communicated adequately to key stakeholders.

What we do


To be effective, ESG management should form part of a business overall corporate strategy. Due to the nature of ESG management, key aspects require integration across a business and for this reason require oversight on a management level. If done properly ESG can be used as a differentiator for the business, enabling them to out perform their competitors, both from a market positioning perspective as well as through improved margins.  EBS Advisory provides strategic input to organisations from early stage development of an ESG strategy to updating and developing bespoke strategies.

What we do


Communicating what you do as a business is critical to establishing a track record in ESG performance.  This should focus on the use of both internal and external communication mechanisms and should leverage the use of multiple media channels.

EBS Advisory have specific experience in tailoring bespoke communication pieces for fund raising exercises, for reporting internally to staff and senior management on adherence to and achievement of key performance areas, as well as the reporting to external stakeholders on the companies ESG performance.

What we do


ESG impact is often referred to as the intangible assets held by a business.  Impact associated with ESG implementation can be recognised internally through improved process and labour efficiencies, strengthened brand recognition all of which have an indirect impact on a business’s financial performance.

A business does not operate within a vacuum, the community, region and country in which it operates informs the level to which financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human capital managed by the business has an impact on society.  Maximising this impact strengthens a company’s license to operate, differentiates it from its competitors and enables it to access new markets.

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