Executive Team

James Brice

Founder & CEO

James is responsible for the business growth and strategic development of the company including new product development. He is responsible for the overall creation, planning, implementing and integrating the strategic direction of the organization. This includes responsibility for all components and departments of the business.

James has implemented Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS) for 10 Private Equity General Partners; has conducted and/or directed over 50 Environmental Impact Assessment authorisations, 80 Environmental and Legal Compliance audits, over 200 site assessments, Environmental and Social Due Diligence studies in accordance with IFC Performance Standards and Equator Principles. James’ experience spans a wide variety of business sectors and regions, including South Africa, Norway, Australia, United Kingdom, Holland, Turkey and India, as well as 23 African countries.

In addition, James is an ISO 14001 environmental auditor and has implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and Integrated Management Systems (i.e. ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO 26001) for over 25 international industrial and mining clients, including Vodacom, Omnia, Protea Chemicals, Anglo Coal, Samancor, ARM, Mondi, L’Oreal, Canon, Airports Company, ATE and Thermopower. He has served as a technical and process expert for numerous clients including Anglo American, X-Strata, Dow, BHP Billiton, ArcelorMittal, Investec, ABSA, Nedbank, Sasol, PPC, Impala Platinum, Rand Water and Shell.

Raylene Watson

Chief Operations Officer

As Group COO Raylene is responsible for the day to day running of group operations. These span across Africa, with formal registered entities in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. The focus is on the standardisation of approach in running these operations especially as this pertains to finance, human resource, ICT, and technical excellence. Raylene works closely with the Managing directors responsible for each region to implement processes and undertakes regular audits to ensure the group imbeds best practice processes when running businesses.

Raylene is a Professionally Registered Scientific Professional with the South African Council of Natural Sciences. She managed the sustainability portfolio for a large multinational engineering firm across Africa for six years spanning across 12 offices providing support to over 1000 employees. She has over 20 years’ experience as a technical expert in sustainable infrastructure design, with a focus on process optimisation, green building and green road design, with the application of climate change adaptation initiatives focused on the protection of bulk infrastructure and the provision of advisory services to integrating business supply chain by applying the principles of the circular economy.

Key sector focus areas where she has gained experience include agricultural beneficiation, energy generation (renewable and thermal technology options), the oil and gas sector, sustainable cities (industrial development zones, development of integrated transport nodes – airports, harbours, rail and toll roads), mining (gold, coal, platinum, chromium, diamonds, zinc, uranium, zinc, copper), heavy industrial processes (Iron and Steel, Chromite, Manganese, Uranium, Gold, Platinum) and light manufacturing.

Raylene provides strategic support to executive teams in defining corporate strategy, assessing gaps in process and highlighting opportunities to maximise ESG value creation within an organisation. This level of support has also been provided to government departments when setting strategy and policy on a regional and provincial level. Through this experience Raylene can also assist business and funders in bridging the gap between government and regulatory requirements and commercial considerations.

Ola Toba

Regional Managing Director - West Africa

As the Managing Director for the West Africa region coordinates day to day functioning of the business. This is undertaken with the assistance of the Group COO, whom together with the Group CEO constitutes the West African board. Ola is responsible to tracking the businesses performance against annual budgeted targets, aligning objectives with day to day realities on the group and ensures ongoing mentorship of staff in the region.

Ola has managed many multiple disciplinary projects with a focus on acquiring environmental licenses for infrastructure developments, including residential and commercial developments, and manufacturing operations. This experience is additionally transposed into coordinating consultants across in the West African Region in the implementation of ESG due diligence assessments, environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA), environmental and social management systems (ESMS) development, environmental and social audits, environmental and social monitoring and training, social impact assessments, development of strategic communication pieces, and integrated reporting.

These services are provided to a wide range of clients including the financial services sector, industrial and mining clients, as well as listed entities. He is well versed in the application of international standards pertaining to the assessment of ESG risks, including the IFC performance standards, SMART customer protection principles, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing. He is also trained in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 implementation and auditing.

Key sectors he has gained experience in include power generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas, agriculture both primary production and beneficiation, financial services including microfinance institutions, education, bulk infrastructure development such as roads and harbors as well as light manufacturing operations, telecommunications, hospitality, health care and residential developments.

Mumo Kivuitu

Regional Managing Director - East Africa

Mumo as the Managing Director for the East Africa region coordinates day to day functioning of the business. This is undertaken with the assistance of the Group COO (Chief Operating Officer), whom together with the Group CEO (Chief Executive Officer) constitutes the East African board. Mumo is responsible for tracking the businesses performance against annual budgeted targets, aligning objectives with day to day realities on the group and ensures ongoing mentorship of staff in the region.

Mumo Kivuitu is a sustainable business and social development expert with 20 years’ experience working in the social and private sectors. Mumo has worked across several sectors on a variety of sustainable business issues including ethical and responsible business practices, corporate community engagement, corporate social investment, social enterprise, inclusive business, value chain development, social responsibility, certification, sustainable reporting and integrated reporting within the Eastern Africa region.

Natalie Wilkins

Managing Director - SADC

As the Managing Director for the SADC region, Natalie coordinates the day to day functioning of the SADC regional business. This is undertaken with the assistance of the Financial, and Business Development Director, whom together with the Group COO and CEO constitutes the SADC board. She is responsible for tracking the regions businesses performance against annual budgeted targets, aligning regional business objectives with the group strategy, and ensures ongoing mentorship and development of staff in the SADC region.

Natalie has gained extensive environmental and social experience working across a multitude of sectors over her 20+ years of experience. Natalie has worked across a range of business types including consultancy, development, advisory, investment, and education, both locally and internationally. Natalie has worked for organisations both in the private and public sectors and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding the different needs of our clients.

Key sector areas where she has gained experience include energy and low emissions development (renewable, biomass to energy, waste to energy, PV, small-scale embedded generation), the mining sector (business management consulting), sustainable cities (industrial development zones, integrated transport, green transport, green buildings, urban agriculture, ), smart cities (integrated systems), waste (circular economy, waste to energy, landfill site construction), and climate change (adaptation and mitigation).

Nicola White

Business Development & Communications Director

Nicola is a qualified attorney and has more than 20 years’ experience in assisting corporates and government departments to refine strategies, and identify and articulate the intrinsic value they have created for wide-ranging stakeholders. Nicola’s experience spans leadership positions in the areas of management, communications and investor relations, environmental strategy, and capital raising. She guides clients in crafting the strategy and messaging, managing crises, building goodwill, raising funds and navigating critical strategic change.

In collaboration with the EBS teams across Africa she assists clients in demonstrating the direct financial value add that correctly implemented sustainability strategies and management systems can and do add to business and society.

Given the increasing risks posed by the climate emergency, including rising social tensions exacerbated by political fallout, poverty, inequality and never-ending technological disruption, the communication of the real value-add to our people and planet is becoming intrinsically important. Nicola aims to assist clients to move away from the primary ‘tick box’ approach to sustainability, shifting their focus to maximising shared value creation within the business and broader society.

Charles Buchanan

Head of Business Development

Charles is Head of Business Development at EBS Advisory. He works with investors, fund managers, and investee companies to develop value-add ESG solutions.

Charles has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry across many regions including Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, Channel Islands, and Caribbean. He started his career in sales and trading at Rand Merchant Bank. He then spent eight years in London in the investment banking industry capital markets in senior roles. Upon returning to South Africa in 2009, he provided risk advisory consulting services to investment banks and asset managers, and was later appointed Chief Operating Officer at Catalyst Fund Managers.

Charles held executive positions at Maitland Group and IQ-EQ where he assisted fund managers to establish solutions across multiple jurisdiction and sectors. Charles has provided independent advisory and consulting to established and first-time fund managers in the impact investment sector. Most recently, Charles worked with Oceans Finance Company to execute Blue Bonds (Debt-for-Nature Swaps) in developing countries.

Rirhandzu Sithole

Head of Impact

Rirhandzu has over 10 years of experience in impact mapping, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on investments in various sectors including energy, healthcare, education and retail, commercial & residential Infrastructure. She has provided technical support to companies including driving the systematic integration of ESG and Impact Measurement and Management into the investment decision making processes.

Rirhandzu has extensive experience in conducting impact assessments, environmental and social due diligence, design and development of ESG/impact related strategies, frameworks, data collection and reporting systems and integrated reporting. She has worked across the impact investment spectrum, from product development to project implementation, and has working knowledge of various sustainability, ESG and impact frameworks and standards.

Rirhandzu has worked with clients across the public and private sector including pension funds, asset managers, commercial lenders, development finance institutions (DFIs), project sponsors, NGOs, developers, and contracting authorities.

Ziegfried Schnetler

Financial Manager

Ziegfried manages the financials for all EBS Advisory subsidiaries. In this role he prepares financial reports, organises credit and collections, manages risk, cash flow and insurance aspects for the business.

Ziegfried has extensive data analytics and quality management skills having worked 5 years within the banking environment. He has also undertaken assessments focussed on determining Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) as it pertains to compliance and implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA (United States federal law). In his role at the bank, he also provided support to the European Banking Authority, FINREP (Financial Reporting) with regards to compliance and implementation. He was involved in the implementation of BA350 and BA900 automation and regulatory and IT credit data storage and has experience at three of the four large Banks and is pertains to NCA, MLC, COBP and FAIS.

Ziegfried has developed a reputation for getting the job done. He brings with him the expertise gained across various skill-sets with regards to problem solving, compliance to standards and operating in highly pressurised environments. He has experience in credit risk and market risk management, accounting and business analytics. In the last 5 years, he’s worked on consolidation and business analysis in an insurance business at RMB and Santam.

His prior work experience has allowed him to develop a big-picture view of company operations, regulations, and modelling, which has honed his ability to provide bespoke solutions to unique problems which positions him as a powerful asset on projects.

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