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Dedicated ESG Advisors

Operating on a global scale, EBS Advisory is a leading environmental, social and governance (ESG) advisor to business, investors, and financial institutions

Since 1999, we have executed over 1,000 projects in 62 countries, across 4 continents. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, and Lagos, we assist clients in integrating ESG into investment decision making, communication, monitoring, management and exit processes. This is specifically aimed at enhancing shared value through improved benefit to society.

Our Values

The ability to convey the importance of incorporating Environmental Social Governance into key decision-making scenarios to produce better, more resilient returns and better asset valuations.

We work with clients to integrate Environmental Social and Governance throughout their business processes. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the philosophy, culture of our clients and adapt our services accordingly.

Courage & Integrity
The ability to advise our clients on the tradeoff between their long-term interests versus their short-term needs.

We focus on improving our thinking, rather than the volume of work we produce, and this reflects in our pricing and responsiveness.

Why Work With Us?

EBS Advisory has over 20 years’ of ESG experience. Our full-service team of technical experts include environmental science and economics, engineering, social science and anthropology, corporate finance, financial journalism, integrated communications, and graphic design consultants.
We leverage our network of specialist services allowing us to offer a comprehensive solution to any sustainability problem. As we seek new and creative ways to add value to our clients, our relationships with key leaders in critical fields complement the work that we do.
We have a broad view of developing and developed economies and how capital can be deployed efficiently and sustainably. Our clients benefit from our expertise before they make their investment, through the investment period, and to exit or closure.
ESG Standards
We are fully conversant with the ESG standards and principles, such as the IFC and World Bank Performance Standards, Equator Principles, Principles for Responsible Investment, UN Global Compact, Sustainable Development Goals, Global Impact Investing Network and IRIS Metrics, and the Global Reporting Initiative.

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