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EBS Advisory Launches ESG Active

By October 8, 2021September 8th, 2022No Comments

The ESG Data Challenge

In the search for credibility, funders and consumers are placing increased pressure on organisations to report on their sustainability practices in an accurate, accessible and relevant format.

However, capturing, processing, and reporting relevant ESG data can be difficult, costly and time consuming, especially when drawing from large disparate data sets to do so.

Harnessing Technology to Communicate your ESG Performance

Recognising that technology can be a major driver in improving the efficiency and quality of ESG reporting, EBS Advisory recently launched ESG Active: an ESG data management and dashboard reporting tool developed by ESG experts. The software-enabled monitoring and reporting solution helps organisations to communicate their ESG risks, opportunities and impacts more efficiently and cost-effectively.


“When it comes to quantifying and reporting on ESG parameters, context is key,” says Chesney Huskisson, ESG Analyst at EBS Advisory. “At the first level, we contextualise the tools and the data analyses, by drawing on our technical ESG consultants, who have garnered a wealth of experience advising financial institutions and corporates on a pan-African basis.”

“At the second level, we allow for context to be created by the stakeholder (i.e. the consumer of information) themselves. By creating fit-for-purpose data models, which produce interactive dashboard reports, stakeholders can overlay their own context through live aggregation and disaggregation mechanisms (slicers and filters). It’s this contextual flexibility that really adds value when reporting to a diverse audience.”

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