It is important for any company to have identified, understood and implemented internal controls to manage ESG risks.



ESG management should form part of a business overall corporate strategy to be effective.



Communicating what you do as a business is critical to establishing a track record in ESG performance.



ESG impact is often referred to as the intangible assets held by a business

Who we are

About Us

EBS Advisory is the leading ESG (environmental, social and governance) and impact modelling consultancy to Business, Investors, Financial Institutions in Africa and other Emerging Markets.

We have proud African roots and managed business, operating from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi and Lagos. We believe shared value is a fundamental driver for the investment thesis in Sub-Saharan Africa. We therefore take ESG beyond risk identification and compliance to the positive realm of value add.

Our experience shows that strategic ESG implementation can enhance exit valuations. Since 1999, we have performed over 1000 studies for more than 400 clients in 62 countries. Our work has been independently reviewed by DFI’s (Development Fund Institutions), Limited Partners and we receive recommendations from them for our services.

EBS Advisory is often appointed on a retainer basis for clients to provide on-going strategic input within the organisation or on projects. These services often extend throughout the value chain with the objective of maximizing ESG value creation for the client.

What we value

Our Values

Courage & Integrity
The ability to advise our clients on the trade off between their long-term interests versus their short-term needs.

The ability to convey the importance of incorporating Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to clients into key decision-making scenarios to produce better, more resilient profits and better asset valuations.

We are able to work with clients in order to build all points of their journey. We pride ourselves on being able to understand the philosophy, culture of our clients and adapt our services accordingly.

We focus on improving our thinking, rather than the volume of work we produce, and this reflects in our pricing and responsiveness.

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Head Office: Johannesburg

165 West Street, Sandton, Johannesburg (entrance on Sandown Valley Crescent)
Office: +27 (0)10 880 0064
Email :  info@ebsadvisory.com

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